David Bierbüsse

Electrical Engineering and Programming

David studies Electrical Engineering in his 8th semester with a focus on micro and nano electronics at the RWTH Aachen. At the moment he is writing his Bachelor thesis about ultra-low-power receiver. For ACTOR he will be primarily responsible for the electronics of the experiment. In addition he will work on the programming together with Michael.

Michel Busen

Mechanical Engineering and CAD Drawings

Michel studies Mechanical Engineering with the focus on aerospace at the RWTH Aachen. He is currently in his 8th semester. He will be the expert for CAD drawings and will take care of the assembly and construction of the experiment.

Nina Körtzinger

Mechanical Engineering and Outreach Programme

Nina studies Mechanical Engineering with the focus on aerospace at the RWTH Aachen. She is in her 8th semester and she is currently writing her Bachelor thesis on the topic of shear deformations of fiber reinforced materials. She will take care of ACTORs internet presentation, work on the main part of the documentation of the experiment and help with the composition of the mechanical parts of the experiment. She will also be responsible for finding sponsors.

Tobias Meinert

Project Management, Mechanical Engineering and Outreach Programme

Tobias studies Mechanical Engineering with the focus on aerospace at the RWTH Aachen. He is in his 8th semester and he finished his Bachelor thesis on the recycling of acrylic fibers. He is our team leader and is in charge of the organization, the coordination between ACTOR, ZARM and the DLR as well as the coordination between the team members and their tasks. Furthermore he helps with writing the documentation of the experiment and looks after the internet presentations. He will also participate in the mechanical implementation of the experiment. In his free time he his interested in football, sports and board games.

Michael Stankowski

Programming and Chemical Analysis

Michael studies Chemistry with the focus on catalysis (CAT), computational chemistry and spectroscopy (COS) at the RWTH Aachen. At the moment he is working on his Master thesis about spinning of cellulose aerogel fibers. He will help David with the programming of the experiment and will do the chemical examination of the cellulose aerogels before and after the flight. He is ACTORs expert for all questions that are related to the tested materials.

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